“Septima” is the name given to the supernatural power held by a newly evolved human species, known as Adepts. Septimas vary from Adept to Adept, manifesting in a variety of ways, from creating natural phenomena like fire to turning the Adept’s body into a string-like material. Different class strata exist among Adepts, but peace is kept under the control of Sumeragi’s supervisory AI.


“Minos” are humans without Septimas. While most Minos have been already been exterminated by Sumeragi, these children, with Kohaku acting as their leader, have managed to escape Sumeragi’s surveillance by hiding out in an underground base in the city’s slums.

Sumeragi,“Promoters of Evolution”

An organization that aims to usher in a new age of humanity by eliminating all Minos.While on paper Sumeragi is merely a single corporation, their massive influence gives them control over essentially the entire nation. They hand-select from the nation’s strongest Adepts to become elite “Falcons” and serve Sumeragi’s interests.

the Falcons

The Institute for the Promotion of Human Evolution “Sumeragi” conscripts citizens determined to have powerful Septimas to become elite soldiers known as Falcons.Sumeragi entrusts these select few with a “Falcon Quill,” allowing them to enter a contract that unlocks their Septima’s full potential and changes their physical form. We’ll profile two of these Falcons today!

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