Shot Attack

Copen’s basic attack is a photon laser gun. It fires high-power, high-speed projectiles directly at targets. It will fire continuously as long as the Fire button is held down.

Lock-on & Guided Photon Lasers

When Copen makes contact with a target during a dash, he will mark it. This marking will curve his photon lasers directly into the target with perfect accuracy from anywhere on-screen.

  • Dash tackle

  • Marked enemy

  • Guided Photon Laser

Air Movement / ”Bullit Dash”

Copen can consume a segment of his “Bullit” gauge to perform a high-speed aerial dash. The trajectory of the Bullit Dash can be changed up or down with the directional buttons. It can also bounce off walls. Enemies can also be marked with the aerial Bullit Dash.

  • Bullit gauge in the bottom left

  • Upwards Bullit Dash

  • Downwards Bullit Dash

  • Hovering

    Copen can hover for a short time after a Bullit Dash.

  • Prevasion

    Copen can automatically evade almost any attack at the cost of Bullit gauge.

  • Reload

    Bullits refill automatically over time, but Copen can instantly reload at any time by quickly pressing the down button twice.

Flash Field

Lola is a high-spec robot that revolves around Copen. She will automatically emit a barrier to protect Copen from missile-type attacks.

EX Weapons

After defeating an enemy adept, Lola can analyze their Septima with her Septima Scanning system and create a mock version in the form of an EX Weapon. Each EX Weapon is quite powerful, and enemies have differing weaknesses and strengths, so using every EX Weapon is key. Shortcuts can be assigned to the right stick for these weapons, making them easier than ever to use.

EX Weapons earned from bosses are the key to victory!

Progress through a variety of obstacles throughout a stage to encounter the boss at the end. Defeat that boss to obtain a powerful new “EX Weapon”. Those are the basics of a mission! Afterwards, you can spend credits earned on a mission to acquire new abilities and enhance Copen’s capabilities.

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