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name:Merak “the Slothful Conjurer”

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「Would it have killed you to just drown?」

Merak is a young adept who commands Sumeragi’s
formidable private army. His septimal power is known as
the Wormhole, which gives him the ability to create
holes in the fabric of space itself. While Merak has
an extremely sharp mind, and is seen as an invaluable
resource by Nova, he is also extremely lazy, apathetic,
and unmotivated. In combat, Merak cannot even be
bothered to stand on his own two feet, which is fine
for him since he sits in a floating armored chair.
The Glaive which holds his septimal power is known as
the Unwavering Spirit.

Chair Punch
Wormhole Punch
Wormhole Missiles
Giant Punch
Lazy Laser


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