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name:COPEN The Adept Slayer

「You’re an adept – just another blight to wipe from the earth!」

Copen is a lone wolf who is a part of neither QUILL
nor Sumeragi. He is, however, known for bearing a deep
loathing for the Sumeragi Group and all adepts in general.
He believes that adepts are a threat to world peace that
will eventually subjugate anyone who is not an adept,
and thus, Copen has made it his mission to destroy
adepts at all costs. Although Copen himself has no
septimal powers, he is a brilliant scientist and incredibly
skilled fighter on par with the best Sumeragi has to offer.
Utilizing septimosome that he has stolen from defeated
adepts, he crafted battle gear that replicates septimal
powers, making him a formidable foe for even the
most powerful adepts.

Lazy Laser
Arrogant Radiance
Blazing Bombers
Power Grab
Gorgon’s Gaze
Flesh Eater


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