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name:Elise “The Eternal Envy”

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「I r-remember now…what –we- are here for…」

Elise is an adept who is currently being held prisoner
by the Sumeragi Group. Her septimal power, known
as Rebirth, gives her the ability to manipulate the
soul, and return life to those who once lost it.
Sumeragi failed to bring her immense septimal
power under control, which in one incident,
triggered a rampage that decimated the research
facility where she was being held. This was
caused by implanting her brain with a more
aggressive persona to replace her original
weak-willed self, which resulted in a split-personality
that can manifest itself in the real world, unlike Lumen,
which is only a virtual avatar.
The Glaive which holds her septimal power is known as
the Living Blade.

Viper Throw
Slithering Whip
Viper Rondo
Gorgon’s Gaze


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