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Milas "TheAquadynamic Merman" (VA: Takaki Ohtomari)[I, Milas, fight for nothing less than the ocean itself.]He is an adept with the "Ichor" septima that enables to manipulate all kinds of liquid matter. He's a pretty eccentric guy who loves the sea more than anything else in this world who joined up with Eden as a means to continue his life's work of preserving the world's oceans. His veracious and lively nature has gained him many comrades who adore him, however, when it comes to those who stand in his way, he shows no mercy whatsoever.With his Ichor septima, he is able to manipulate essentially any kind of liquid, however, for some reason, perhaps due the nature of his personality, he is pretty bad at manipulating any liquids that are not fresh water or ocean water.